Bivalvia Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the production of all kind of calendars. In regards to the needs of our client we offer the following types of calendars:

luxory calendars from 35×50 format to 70×100 format; with 6 or more sheets, with individual design by the client’s preference

work calendars, with individual design and format – by the client’s preference

desktop calendars and pyramid desktop calendars, with individual design and format – by the client’s preference.

We can offer our clients full service, from the design to the production of the calendar. Bivalvia Ltd. is equipped with contemporary collating, perforating and wire-o placement equipment. We can also produced an individual calendar storage box or holder for safe storage, transportation an improvement of its esthetic look.


Bivalvia Ltd. is a producer of luxory 6 and 12-page work-calendars and desktop calendars. Our experienced designers take care of the design of our calendars as the main design-idea is the theme of the calendar like for example:

“Color” Theme – the idea of the calendar is to show the abundance of colors that surround us.

“Europe” Theme – The most beautiful cities of Europe

“Icon” Theme – Unique Icons, and many more themes

The only thing that we require from our clients is their Logo, which we are going to print on the already made calendar at an advertising space, especially left blank for that purpose.

Bivalvia Ltd can design the Advertising part of the work calendar by the clients’ preference which would be bound together to the already produced 3-piece or 2-piece work-calendar.


Calendars • 6-pages


Calendars • 12-pages


Desktop and Work calendars